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Dark Atmosphere (from "Letters from Purgatory")

Dark Comedy (from "Tales of Halloween")

Mysterious (from "Wolfhound")

Dialogue Mood (from "Dedd Brothers")

Throwback (from "Feast of Fear")

Quirky (from "Karma Incorporated")

Light Gothic (from Killjoy's Psycho Circus")

Hipster (from "Crushes")

Symphonic Gothic (from "Killjoy 3")

Throwback from ("Warriors of the 14th Fairway")


Subtle Atmosphere (from "Black Days")

Climactic (from "Samuel Bleak")

Action (from "E/P: Executive Protection")

Gothic Drama (from "BioSlime")

Tragic (from "Truth")

In choosing a composer, it was important that I found someone who works quickly, is versatile and can take the ideas in my mind and turn them into a musical reality, as the overall vision of a film must remain constant. Michael's collaborative abilities made the process creatively fulfilling for both of us and allowed him to immerse himself completely into the score. Michael is not only a talented composer, but a great guy and I will be collaborating with him again on other films in the future. I would strongly recommend him to anyone needing a thoughtful, unique score.

--Dustin Schuetter - Director/Producer of "Samuel Bleak" and "Dedd Brothers"

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