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Upcoming Projects

Raider of the Hidden Present (in post) dir. Paul Young

Wildtrack (in post) - dir. Dante Del Mar

Feature Films

Holiday Boyfriend - dir. Paul Collett

The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine - dir. Paul Collett

Feast of Fear - dir. John Lechago

Monsterland - dir. John Skipp & Andrew Kasch

A Devil's Game - dir. Paul Young

Killjoy's Psycho Circus - dir. John Lechago

Tales of Halloween - dir. John Skipp & Andrew Kasch

EP/ExecutiveProtection - dir. Olivier Gruner

Samuel Bleak - dir. Dustin Schuetter

Sector 4 - dir. Olivier Gruner

Killjoy Goes to Hell - dir John Lechago

Dedd Brothers - dir. Dustin Schuetter

Killjoy 3 - dir. John Lechago

BioSlime - dir. John Lechago

Quarantined - dir. Sean Stearley

American Jihadist - dir. Paul Collett/Diana Collett

Venice Bound - dir. James O’Brien

Magus - dir John Lechago

The Shadows - dir. Sabrina Mansfield

Black Days- dir. Michael Urnikis

Thanksgiving - dir. Avram D. Gold

Wolfhound - prod. Roger Corman

We Come in Pieces- dir. Payton Ware

Short Films (partial list)

Rejects (2013)

Sealing Your Fate (2010)

Take That, Dude! (2007)

Molly’s Gift (2007)

Letters from Purgatory (2006)

Code (2004)

Long Kiss Goodbye (2004)

Entropy (2004)

Finding North (2004)

The Mortician's Hobby (2004)

Black Gulch (2003)

The Gidge (2003)

Crushes (2003)

Short Timer (2002)

The Warriors of the 14th Fairway (2002)

Airship (2002)

The Black Stones (2002)

Crushes (2002)

Karma, Incorporated (2002)

Busted! (2002)

Marty the Magnificent (2001)

Luke; Chapter 12 (2001)

Small Change (2001)

Zero’s Quandary (2000)

Underground (2000)

Values (2000)

King Tangun (2000)

Girls! Girls! Girls! (2000)

Song Placements

So Long & RAW - Bus Party to Hell (2018)

So Long - Aliens vs. Titan1c (2018)

Video Games

Rampage: World Tour (1997)


Television Pilots

The Cellar - dir. David Garrett

The Volunteers - dir. Joshua Denhardt

The Fishmans - dir. David Garrett


City of Los Angeles/Bureau of Sanitation Recruitment

Ontario International Airport

City of Rancho Cucamonga

Mike not only knew the references I was working with, but was able to break them down musically and compose a score that gave the picture a whole new level of depth and dimension.

--Henry Crum, post production supervisor of "Wolfhound"

"Soldier Girl"

(from the film "A Devil's Game")

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