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Michael is a gifted composer and musician who approaches a film score with a depth of insight into the material that is rare even amongst seasoned industry professionals. He is also a pleasure to work with, bringing a relaxed ego-free atmosphere to the sessions. I would recommend him to any filmmakers looking to elevate their finished product and get it firing on all cylinders.

--James O'Brien, director of "Venice Bound"

"Main Title"

(from the film "Killjoy Goes to Hell")

Michael brought the perfect mood and emotional color to our film. After explaining the story and plot and theme and the underlying conflicts in the story, he seemed to know exactly what music to create. We were very satisfied with his work. I wish all crew were as qualified and dedicated to their craft.

--Paul Collett, producer/director of "The Shadows" and "Truth"

You can't just ask a person to add that something special to a film. Either they can do it, or they can't. And Mike created a moving original score that subtly enhances the powerful moments in the film without distracting or overwhelming the audience. We were always on the same page and challenged each other to do better work. Working with Mike was a wonderful experience. His contribution was invaluable.

--Michael Urnikis, director of "Black Days"

On a minimal budget, Mike was able to produce a fantastic original score for my film and enhanced its overall impact and atmosphere dramatically. I highly recommend his services and look forward to the day when we will work together again.

--Sean A. Stearley, director of "Quarantined"

Michael Sean Colin's score is perfect in every respect, deployed at just the right moments and providing just the right intensity needed

--Steve Miller, Terror Titans film review

Michael is knowledgeable across the full spectrum of musical styles and genres, adept at making that vast knowledge work within the framework and mood, and delivers amazing work on or ahead of schedule. Yet for all his talent, he is the most easy going and amazing person to work and collaborate with. After listening to the work Michael had done for my projects, my friends within the business were soon calling him to work on theirs. I can not wait to work with him again.

--Joshua Denhardt, producer of “The Volunteers” and “Sealing Your Fate ”

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