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Latest News

The quirky seasonal comedy "Holiday Boyfriend" has been released.  This film includes my song "Lonely Holiday" featuring vocalist Liliia Kysil.  Directed by Paul Collett and starring Louis Mandylor, Natassia Malthe, and Sally Kirkland.

"The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine" has a been release and is streaming now.  Directed by Paul Collett, this haunted mine film stars Tom Sizemore, Tiny Lister, Sally Kirkland, and Rudy Youngblood.

Scoring is nearing completion on the Christmas short "Raider of the Hidden Present."  This is my fourth collaboration with director Paul Young.

Scoring has commenced on the thriller "Wildtrack" starring Milena Gorum and Damon Whitiker.  Directed by Dante Del Mar and produced by Paul Collett.



"Operation Reject"

(from the film "Rejects")

Michael's score enriched my film tremendously, guiding the audience's journey through suspense, humor, and horror.

--Michael Strode, director of "Black Gulch"

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